Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Crikey! I feel like a horrible blogger. (Maybe because...I am? Oh the horror!) I hang my head in shame at the date of my last post. December has disappeared in a whirlwind, and here we are in January! WHERE DID 2010 GO???

So, moving on from the melodrama, here are some updates:

  • I won NaNoWriMo. YAY!!! Did I mention I reached 50K two days early? Yeah. :D
  • I auditioned for a part in the high school's production of Beauty and the Beast, and I got in the chorus! The chorus may not be a big thing for some people, but it is for me! Especially considering I've never been in a play before. Rehearsals start in a few days and I'm soooooo excited!
  • Christmas was awesome! I got new books, the movie Letters to Juliet, a calligraphy set, and a lovely silk scarf among other things. The BEST thing though, was being able to spend time with my brother, sister-in-law and niece, and then go to Ohio to visit family. (Awwwww!)


Dad, me, Mom, Olivia, Tommy, and Sarah. And a lamp.
Same people as in the last picture, minus Mom and Dad and plus Jamie. :)

Uncle Everett (Dean), Father Dearest, Uncle John, and Uncle Stephen. And Aunt Susan in the bottom right corner.

Yay for family! Grandma and Grandpa in the back, Jonah, TJ, Matthew and me in the middle row, and Noah and Lina in the front. :)
My family rocks. Just sayin'.

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